Easily create, manage, and deliver digital experiences to any device with Cloudinary

About Cloudinary

Deliver, manage, and create your media more effectively with Cloudinary. Founded in 2012, Cloudinary's media content engine fuels over 8000 brands like Nintendo, Levi's, Virgin, Atlassian, and NBC. The Cloudinary solutions can reduce your load times, maintain media quality, reduce your page weight, and help you adapt your images and videos to any screen type smoothly and efficiently.

The Solution

The Cloudinary media platform boasts several solutions such as Digital Asset Management with intelligent automation, Media Optimizer, Programmable Media APIs and the Cloudinary Media Experience Cloud. Developers and marketers use them to quickly and easily create, manage and deliver their media of different formats across any browser, device and bandwidth for an exceptional digital experience.

Where it's a good fit

Any medium to large business looking to build a custom, powerful, visually rich, and fast website could use Cloudinary. You can manage and deliver thousands of media assets and prevent visual quality degradation while developing a media rich website. Cloudinary will automatically implement your media in the best supported format for any browser or screen, enhancing website load times and providing the best user experience, wherever your customers are.

Cloudinary – the Media Management Solution

Visual Asset Delivery

Deliver your media from the cloud and transform the format, resolution, and quality of assets on the fly with only HTTP. This means that developers are free to transform video and images to achieve the best possible fit for your design.

Visual Asset Storage / Management

Store original sized media files in the cloud. You can then deliver your assets from the Cloudinary Platform in the needed format quickly and easily. If you’re working with a large volume of media, the platform allows you to index, tag, or organize assets into folders so that it's easy to see what you have.

Cloudinary API / SDK

Developers can leverage the Cloudinary API/SDK to automate asset management- freeing up time and resources for other projects.

Multiple Media Management

Photos, videos, pdf documents, and other file types can all be managed together within the Cloudinary service.

Media Modification

Make quick on the spot changes to media in the Cloudinary service – overlay text, apply filters, and adjust image levels within the asset management system.

P8 × Cloudinary

At P8 we can help make your implementation of Cloudinary simple, with your first results coming fast. We are battle-tested media management experts with some massive Cloudinary projects under our belt.

We are CMS specialists and can work with your content management system to ensure that you get the best performance possible from your media.

Since your website is made of both code and media, we understand that you need to make sure that the two play well together – let's make that happen with Cloudinary.

Our Media Management Services

box-fullMedia Management Implementation

We work to understand what your current media management setup looks like- then start the shift by developing scripts to ensure a seamless transition and making the necessary updates and adjustments so that you can start using Cloudinary as soon as possible.

boxes-altIntegrations with 3rd party Apps

We help you plan and integrate your CMS or other 3rd party apps with the Cloudinary solution so that the systems you’ve previously set into place can all carry on uninterrupted.

cloud-uploadMigrating Existing Legacy Solutions

If you are using multiple media management solutions, or just one that needs an update, our developers can help migrate your media and organizational structures to Cloudinary. When the transition is finished, your media will exist in a single, well-organized, space that your website can call on.

book-openMedia Catalogue Development

We will consult with you and help you design your media catalogue with the tags and organizational structures that suit your needs best.

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Learn how we built a headless content and commerce solution with stunning visuals in just a few months.

Lets talk about you and Cloudinary

If you are looking for an experienced and committed partner for the implementation of Cloudinary as your DAM / media management solution , we should talk.

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