Manage your content effectively and smoothly across channels with P8 and Contentful

P8 × Contentful

With Contentful, you can save time on content management without being locked into a monolithic CMS suite or DXP. You’ll be able to manage your content creation flow from preparation to publishing and deliver your customers a seamless digital experience on any device. The Contentful content management system can adapt your content to different digital display channels, whatever you use now and may use in the future.

The Solution

Contentful’s CMS is an agile content platform that can scale effortlessly and connects with all your other tools via APIs. It structures your content within a single hub – from there, your developers and editors can collaboratively create, change and publish content everywhere. 

Contentful is likely a fit for you if you need to empower your web team to keep large amounts of web pages and content up to date and consistent across all domains and display channels.

Our Experience

Your content management requirements are unique, and Contentful may require a new approach. P8 can use our development experience to help you to implement Contentful in your technical environment in the best possible way to align with your needs.

We are not all talk either- we love Contentful enough to use it as our own CMS. We've even developed our own app (used in contentful implementations worldwide) – Arboretum, the sitemap for Contentful.

Our Contentful services

From simple consultations to full-service implementations, or anything in between.

box-fullImplementation and Implementation Consultation

Setting up Contentful needs to be done right - you need to create an efficient approach that will help you evolve your usage of the product over time. We'll consult you on how to structure your content, sizing setup, and license selection so you can get going fast - and quickly iterate over changes as the need to evolve develops.

clockArchitectural Planning

A key component of your contentful implementation is the architectural planning. We don't just handle the programming, we also help you with content modeling and organizing the structure of Contentful to suit your needs for optimized usage.

expand-arrowsSoftware Adaptation

Legacy platforms used to require extensive software modification to fit, but that is no longer the case. Rather than altering the core of Contentful, we make it fit your needs through custom extensions and 3rd party integrations. This helps the platform meet your requirements while leaving it hyper-adaptable for use case adjustments and changes to requirements in the future.

boxes-altContent Migration

Unless you're just starting, you probably already have content somewhere else. We can help you migrate your existing content into Contentful- untangling the knots and cleaning up your existing approach along the way.

sitemapContent Modeling

When done right, a good content model is the foundation for creating a unified and seamless user experience while keeping the management effort in the CMS at a minimum. We help you build the model that fits your needs, content and display channels.

randomChange Management & Training

Adopting a new CMS can help you keep your business on the cutting edge, but your employees might need help figuring it out. We can provide training material and consult change management to help you seamlessly adopt Contentful.

handsOngoing Support Services

We offer ongoing support for Contentful. After our implementation, as your requirements evolve we'll keep building and helping Contentful work for you.

robotTechnology Solution Consulting

We keep on the pulse of constantly evolving tech, and are happy to evaluate new software and features for you. And of course, we'll let you know when we learn about something revolutionary that you might want to implement.

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Learn how we built a headless content and commerce solution with stunning visuals in just a few months.

Lets talk about you and Contentful

If you are looking for an experienced and committed partner for the implementation of Contentful as your headless CMS, we should talk.

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