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About Optimizely

After acquiring the A/B testing platform Optimizely, content management giant Episerver rebranded as their new acquisition. Founded in 1994, Episerver released the first version of their groundbreaking CMS in 1997. They continued to grow beyond their CMS and developed their gigantic suite of SaaS applications. Now, as a completely cloud-native digital experience platform (DXP), Optimizely offers a wide range of tools to help you enhance your website and ecommerce store.

The Solution

Optimizely’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a suite of cloud-native apps and tools designed to help you enhance your website or ecommerce store. The three divisions within the DXP help you create best-in-class digital experiences (through the Content Cloud), simplify the management of your complex ecommerce shop (with the Commerce Cloud), and optimize the performance of your interactions with customers to deliver outsized outcomes (through the Intelligence Cloud).

Where it's a good fit

Both legacy software users or users already working with headless can benefit from upgrading to Optimizely. The software would be an excellent fit for anyone building a medium to large ecommerce website that demands speedy content delivery or needs to manage multiple locales. Optimizely is a well established SaaS product, meaning it is up to date and functions with the latest tech on the market. Additionally, Optimizely ensures stability through backups and their established CDN. 

The Optimizely Digital Experience Platform

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The Content Cloud and the CMS

No matter how good your content is, delivery is key. Use your content anywhere when you store and manage it with the Optimizely content management system. Their headless CMS allows you to design an editor-empowering and API ready website that is ready to integrate with modern frameworks, and can flexibly deliver your content to any screen.

eCommerce Through The Commerce Cloud

Optimizely is a super stable SaaS that allows you to build complex multisite and multilingual ecommerce websites. When you choose to develop an online store with Optimizely, you also get to access their suite of marketing tools for analytics, targeting, automation, and content management. The tool also allows you to optimize search functions and personalize your content delivery.

Intelligence Cloud

Optimizely's Intelligence Cloud is a suite of tools designed to enhance data automation, experimentation, and analytics. You can use the Intelligence Cloud to manage data, uncover real-time insights, and rapidly innovate to deliver personalized experiences. The suite allows you to predict customer behavior, adapt, and personalize your website. With the Intelligence Cloud, you can leverage data to have a real impact on site performance.

Fully Cloud Hosted Solution

Optimizely is truly cloud-native, which ensures the scalability of the application. Cloud-hosting eliminates the need for server and infrastructure maintenance and allows for automated backups and faster deployments. Your project will get monitoring and support from Optimizely, just in case it ever goes down or has any issues. As a DXP, Optimizely comes loaded with other features and tools as well, including a suite of analytics tools, project support, AI-powered website optimization, marketing automation, product information management (PIM), and an expansive marketplace of 3rd party apps and services.

P8 × Optimizely

You might be turning to Optimizely because you need reliability – and that's something we here at P8 can offer you too – we treat projects like they are our own and make sure that they get done right. You can trust your implementation is in the right hands – we ensure all of the developers on your project are Optimizely certified and will put the extra effort into code quality to ensure functionality and boost your website's performance.

No matter the size of the project or client, we always want to be proud of our work. That passion is one of the reasons we've been working with Optimizely since 2018 – we know that it gets the job done. Our developers are open to new tech and the latest trends, so our solutions are unique for each project. We never decide on the structure of the solution before we dig into the requirements, but for its reliability and adaptability we keep basing new projects on Optimizely.

Projects in Optimizely get us excited – so we're happy to help with all your needs. Whether you need an extended hand, you want to build up your own team, or you just need to solve a tiny issue that you're stuck on – get in touch with us today about how we can make Optimizely work for you.

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Our Optimizely Services

From simple consultations to full-service implementations, or anything in between.

box-fullImplementation and Implementation Consultation

Setting up Optimizely needs to be done right – you need to create an efficient approach that will help you evolve your usage of the product over time. We'll consult you on how to structure your website, from the content, sizing setup, ecommerce tools, and even the plan selection so you can get going fast.

cloud-uploadContent Migration

If you've already started and have the content for your website or ecommerce shop somewhere else, we can handle the heavy lifting. We'll help you migrate your existing content into Optimizely – untangling the knots and putting things exactly where they need to be.

sitemapUX/UI Design

Without good design, you're leaving conversions on the table. We can help you design your site from scratch, fine-tune your design, or our frontend developers can set up the framework to migrate what your UX designers have already done.

expand-arrowsSoftware Adaptation

Legacy platforms used to require extensive software modification to fit, but that is no longer the case. Rather than altering the core of Optimizely, we make it fit you through custom extensions to the CMS and development of workflows that suit your requirements. This helps the platform meet your needs while leaving it hyper-adaptable for use case adjustments and changing requirements in the future.

randomChange Management & Training

Adopting a new SaaS can help you keep your business on the cutting edge, but your employees might need help figuring it out. We can provide training material and consult change management to help you seamlessly adopt Optimizely.

handsOngoing Support Services

We offer ongoing support for Optimizely. After our implementation, as your requirements evolve we'll keep building and helping Optimizely work for you.

robotTechnology Solution Consulting

We keep on the pulse of constantly evolving tech, and are happy to evaluate new software and features for you. And of course, we'll let you know when we learn about something revolutionary that you might want to implement.

Featured Client

HDI Global

Learn more about how we support HDI Global as their lead digital agency with a wide range of services.

Lets talk about you and Optimizely

If you are looking for an experienced and committed partner for the implementation of Optimizely as your Digital Experience Platform, we should talk.

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