Whether physical, psychological or sexual: violence has many faces and can affect anyone. Together with Marika Lichter - managing director of the association “Wider die Gewalt”, artists, sponsors and helpers, we made a strong statement against violence of any form on Monday, 20th of March 2023 at the Haus der Musik Innsbruck.

With an exclusive gala dinner, we were able to bring together more than 170 influential guests from politics and business, sensitize them to the issue and thus achieve the considerable donation sum of 56,500 euros. The money will benefit selected Tyrolean associations that assist victims of violence on a daily basis. 

Tyrolean women's shelters help women and children

The Tyrolean Women's Shelter is a victim protection and crisis facility and operates according to the principles of the Autonomous Austrian Women's Shelters (AÖF). It offers women and children, regardless of their origin and social status, protection, shelter, and counseling. So that they can free themselves from life situations characterized by violence – e.g., violent life partners, forced marriage, forced prostitution and trafficking in women.

Similar counseling services are offered by the East Tyrol Women's Center in Lienz. Here, women and girls can get free, anonymous and confidential advice on various legal and social concerns.

Caritas Tyrol helps Ukrainian refugees

Together with the province of Tyrol, Caritas Tyrol is involved in the accommodation and care of refugees from Ukraine. It also coordinates with Caritas Emergency Aid the delivery of relief supplies to Ukraine to ensure the survival of the local people.

Thanks to all contributors

Our thanks go to all helpers from P8 Marketing, Moser Holding, the association “Wider die Gewalt”, the Tiroler Tageszeitung, Tirol TV and the Ferrari School as well as to all sponsors. We would also like to thank the menu, which was prepared free of charge for the guests by 4-star chef Hubert Wallner, as well as the renowned artists who provided entertainment in the service of the good cause.

  1. Tyrolean women's shelters help women and children
  2. Caritas Tyrol helps Ukrainian refugees
  3. Thanks to all contributors