Video content is booming: More video content is uploaded to the Internet every day than any other form of content (text, images). Videos can make a company's web presence more vibrant. The company can use videos to tell its stories better, explain its products and services better and – used correctly – generate more sales.

In the video interview with, Philipp Tirmann explains how you can use the medium of video to increase sales and how P8 can support you. (If you do not understand German, read the summary below.)

Generate Revenue With Videos

A one-off corporate image video is by no means enough. Rather, the medium of moving images must be used to generate leads and revenue for the company. A survey of marketing managers who already strategically use moving images proves that this works:

  • 91% register more traffic thanks to videos

  • 90 % receive more leads

  • 87% sell more

Professional Videos – Necessary, but Costly

At P8, we believe that in about three to five years, every company will need to be able to use moving images to communicate at lightning speed. Why? To respond to current social and political issues, as well as to public feedback about their own company – keyword: shit storm. In this way, every company effectively becomes its own TV station.

However, the same marketing managers in the above-mentioned survey also report pain points that make it difficult for them to create videos:

  • 30% said they don't have time.

  • 18% lack the know-how to present content well in video using storytelling, among other things.

  • 10% think creating moving images is too expensive

Often, the reality of video production still looks like this: A disproportionately high share of the annual marketing budget is used for the production of one or two videos – mostly these are the corporate image videos already mentioned. Although the company can play these out on various channels, they cannot achieve more than a proverbial flash in the pan, because continuous communication of the company's content and values is not possible in this way. What's more, the customer company usually has no access to the archive material.

Highly Efficient Video Creation With the P8 Video Flat Rate

To break down the barriers to continuous video content production, we at P8 have designed the Video Flat Rate. Thanks to a highly efficient production process, our customers are able to leverage P8 Content Power's expertise to produce and publish videos on a regular basis with a manageable amount of time and costs that can be calculated in advance. 

What Makes Our Production Process So Efficient?

Before we write the first line of the script or screenplay and shoot footage, we start with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Editorial planning together with the client to channel the topics.

  • Step 2: Creation of multiple categories to bring the diverse content – different subject areas or storytelling styles – to the target audience in one design form.

  • Step 3: Breaking down the defined topics to the categories.

Thanks to this preparation and precisely defined processes, we can then go focused into pre-production and make efficient use of the shooting days. In this way, we create a lot of content for our customers in a very short time, which can then be played out on the go.

Production Cost Always Under Control

With the P8 Video Flat Rate, you know what your video project will cost and what you'll get in return before you even start. No surprises. So you can reliably plan your marketing budget. Our customers confirm this: We are always on the budget agreed with the customer.

Typical Structure of the Videos

Each video created as part of the P8 Video Flat Rate is approximately 40 to 90 seconds long and is created in the desired number of mutations. A mutation is a version of a video adapted to the respective platform (various social media channels, YouTube, TV) both in length and format.

The following content elements are in each of these videos:

  • Compulsion to engage: this is the trigger to get the target audience to engage with the topic of the video.

  • Image, content, and value transfer: This is where your company or solution is presented in a way that fits the topic.

  • Call to Action: the target audience is invited to visit the company's website or online store.

With this basic structure, videos become a revenue driver. It makes it easier for you to calculate the return of investment of the marketing budget used for these videos.

The P8 Video Flat Rate Configurator

Video creation doesn't have to be expensive. With our P8 Video Flat Rate Configurator, you can find out how much monthly budget you'll need to spend on the output you want. Simply select the number of shooting days per year, number of videos per month, number of headings and number of mutations, and you will get your rate. 

Example: We produce two videos per month for you and create three mutations for each video. For about 3000 euros per month, you will therefore receive 72 video clips over the course of a year, with which you can consistently present your company on your preferred channels. If you compare this with the production costs of the one-off corporate image video, you will certainly find that you get more material for your marketing activities with less budget. 

For more information on the P8 Video Flat Rate, visit the product page.

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