P8 impressively proved as recently as the end of 2022 that it is one of the best on the market as an agency with offices in Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck. A campaign developed jointly with Austria's largest pharmaceutical employer TAKEDA won Europe's largest marketing/PR award, the European Excellence Award.

P8 Power for Plasma Power

4 out of 5 Austrians will need to donate blood plasma at some point in their lives. Be it in the case of immune diseases, operations or burns, this elixir of life forms the basis of many life-saving medications. The problem: About the same number of people do not know about this fact. The goal of the "My Plasma Can" campaign was to show Austrians what their blood plasma can do and how easy and safe it is to donate it. Creating awareness for this topic was of enormous importance, especially this year, as donations have been declining throughout Europe since the Corona pandemic.

Powerful Communication from Biolife

Monika Wiesner, Head of Communications at BioLife/Takeda on the award said, "The European Excellence Award is a nice confirmation of the quality of our joint work." BioLife/Takeda raises blood plasma of the highest quality and faces an ever-increasing demand for blood plasma - a raw material without which many vital therapies would not exist. "This makes it all the more important that our campaigns are engaging, compelling and achieve the widest possible reach to achieve the necessary awareness about the importance of plasma donation among both the general public and key stakeholders," Wiesner continues, concluding, "After all, we have made a promise to those people who rely on plasma-based therapies, and we want to deliver on that promise."

  1. P8 Power for Plasma Power
  2. Powerful Communication from Biolife