We are very pleased about our placements in two renowned PR rankings in Austria. How does this benefit you as a potential client? We'll get to that in a moment. Which rankings are we talking about?

P8 Is Number 1 in the Horizont PR Ranking 2022

For the first time ever, we are represented in the Austrian HORIZONT ranking, and right away at the top. As an owner-managed full-service agency with a focus on Austria, we were able to leave the established competition behind. Some of these competitors are part of international agency networks and for their part enjoy growing net annual revenues.

HORIZONT ranks the participating agencies purely by net annual revenue. P8 is thus officially the largest PR agency in Austria - also in terms of the number of employees who provide clients with advice and support.

Horizont PR-Agentur-Ranking 2022

Source: Horizont.at. You can find the whole ranking here.

For Customer Satisfaction, P8 Is Number 1 in the medianet.xpert PR Ranking 2023

We are also at the top of the renowned medianet.Xpert ranking. With a very good 93.58 out of a possible 100 points in the overall ranking of the category "PR agencies", we are "only" number 2, but when it comes to the aspect of customer satisfaction and loyalty, we are slightly ahead.

For the medianet.Xpert ranking, points are awarded in three baskets and added up at the end.

  • Basket 1 takes into account the hard facts, such as sales and company age.

  • In Basket 2, the jury evaluations from various industry competitions are included. The basic prerequisite for a high score is, of course, that an agency participates in these competitions.

  • Basket 3, with its focus on customer feedback, is therefore the most important for us.


Source: medianet.at

Good Rankings Reflect Customer Confidence

Any company only makes sustainable sales if it can gain and retain the trust of its customers. In this light, the HORIZONT ranking is an expression of our customers' trust in us as a service provider. The medianet.Xpert ranking, with its focus on quality of work and customer satisfaction, confirms our capabilities, expertise and customer orientation.

Our founder and main shareholder Georg Hofherr puts it this way: "The awards we have received in recent months are not only due to our employees, but also to our customers. The trust as well as the professional approach to communication and marketing enable us to implement outstanding work."

The fabulous positions in these rankings join our other recent successes - winning the European Excellence Award 2023 and being named "kununu Top Company 2023." Kununu is the leading employer evaluation platform in the DACH region.

However, We Can Do More Than PR

We may still be perceived predominantly as a PR agency and have a wealth of client references in this area. But the truth is, we're a full-service agency that can cover just about every aspect of our clients' public presentation - and not just since yesterday. Take a look at our extensive services.

  1. P8 Is Number 1 in the Horizont PR Ranking 2022
  2. For Customer Satisfaction, P8 Is Number 1 in the medianet.xpert PR Ranking 2023
  3. Good Rankings Reflect Customer Confidence
  4. However, We Can Do More Than PR