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With your configured flat rate tariff, we develop customized content with the experience from countless developed formats and headings for TV, social media and websites. Calculate your rate and let us discuss implementation together.

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  • The flat rate is valid for the conclusion of a consecutive 12-month contract and includes one ad-hoc video per year, monthly theme planning, one return loop per video and the crucial build-up of a video archive. Also included are the unlimited rights of use in terms of time and place, as well as platform-independent rights of use to all produced video mutations.
  • This rate is exclusive of VAT, any travel costs and expenses, and any props.







Frequently Asked Questions

How many filming days should I choose?

A shooting day is eight hours long, excluding travel to and from the location. The more elaborate the videos are, the higher the shooting effort usually is. A rough rule of thumb says that we can create material for four to eight videos in one shooting day. Of course, detailed planning increases the output.

How many videos should I choose?

We recommend that you always insert the video strategy for your company into the overall communication so that there is a periodicity for the target group. With two videos per month, you can interact nicely with the target group on a fortnightly basis, especially if we want to reliably push a topic.

What are categories?

The categories are special narratives that are developed and created specifically for the customer to be unique. The videos are produced according to this category narrative – this ensures reliability and expectability for our users.

What are mutations?

Every social media platform has its own special features. Sometimes it's a square video, sometimes it's in portrait format, sometimes it's subtitled, sometimes it's very short. You define how many different mutations you need, and we deliver those mutations to you.

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