From A New Corporate Design To A Touching Advertising Campaign

The digitization of the media has created an overabundance of information. Every day, we are bombarded with up to 13,000 advertising messages. Of these, we process around a quarter. However, P8 Marketing, as a leading lead agency for advertising and online marketing, gets into the heads of its customers: with specially tailored advertising measures and content creation that creates identification, offers added value, and enriches lives. In short: it's all about relevance. This is how our measures receive the desired attention, not only in tourism or pharmaceutical marketing but in general. Because we are fundamentally curious: we welcome new marketing trends and technologies and are always on the lookout for fresh inspiration. That's how we stay agile and innovative - for you.

TV/Cinema Advertising

TV is still one of the media with the widest reach. Moreover, messages conveyed on TV automatically acquire a certain importance: The Media is the Message.

Radio Advertising

The use of radio does not require directed attention. What does that mean? You don't have to sit attentively in front of the radio to absorb the content. You can't turn off your ear, it's always tuned in.

Print Advertising

Nowadays, almost everything happens online. Still, there are many reasons why print advertising is an important part of the marketing mix.

Out Of Home

Outdoor advertising creates reach, is highly visible, and the individual selection of locations allows us to accurately address target regions.

Dialogue Marketing

Dialogue marketing not only ensures an increased level of attention, but also a significantly high degree of effectiveness.

Online Advertising

The Internet has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. There are also countless advantages when it comes to online advertising.

POS Material

Point-of-sale advertising materials such as rollups, stickers or wobblers aim to influence purchasing decisions directly at the point of sale. And with success.

Corporate Publishing

On the basis of effective customer briefings or well thought-out workshops, we develop content together with our customers, which P8 Marketing then processes into high-quality printed materials and corporate publishing products based on market research.

Advertising Campaigns

Through integrated campaign planning of your advertising, P8 Marketing disseminates messages in an effective manner, achieving the greatest possible advertising and communication success.

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Dr. Elke WiesmayrHead of Agency
Dr. Elke Wiesmayr
Head of Agency