From Consumer Insights To A Data Strategy

P8 Marketing knows how much data science can simplify and optimize your world. Your company collects data all the time and if it's used properly it can open up a new world of insights. Our part in it: data preparation, analysis, and interpretation. Let's work together with insights and move beyond decisions based solely on gut feeling. The data-based certainty gained underpins new strategies, supports data-driven marketing, and opens up meaningful innovation opportunities. Data analytics increases the efficiency of marketing campaigns, helps you improve the customer journey, and creates individual customer offers - key words: dynamic packaging and dynamic pricing.

Customer Insights

Future-proof strategies need an accurate database that stores consumers' behavior, attitudes, motives and desires, price sensitivity, and ideas for the future.

Data Check & Data Strategy

Every business collects data: sales, revenue, merchandise usage, Google Analytics, master data of customers or guests, and much more. The question is, what do you do with it?

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Markus BischofP8 Strategy/Partner
Markus Bischof
P8 Strategy/Partner