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Why These Clients Have Chosen Us

P8 is taking employer branding a step further. It is no longer enough to analyze target groups and communicate what you have to offer as an employer. This classic employer branding has been established for over 15 years and companies can no longer distinguish themselves with it.

We show you how to build a deeper identification between employees and employers. An identification that strengthens the company internally and makes existing employees more loyal, committed and motivated, while at the same time radiating outward to attract new talent.

Using the driver-differentiator methodology, we bring your employer brand to life with your core values. The result is a credible and transparent world of values and lifestyle for potential employees. We find your future employees in groups with common interests, values and passions, so-called affinity groups. We successfully use affinity groups in employer branding and we are not alone. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco and Deutsche Bank also do this.

The P8 Employer Branding Positioning Model

Drivers ("Treiber" in German): Organizational changes that support the envisioned future; Vision.

Anchor: Culture and values of the company; creates identification, credibility and sustainability

Differentiator: Sets the company apart from competitors; promotes awareness and increases recognition

Driver-Anchor-Differentiator Model

The P8 Approach

1) The Employer Branding Cycle

Six steps to a new employer brand or new employer campaign.

Employer Branding Circle whitespace

2) Matching The Interests and Passions

We get to know the communities and lifestyles of our employees. What are their topics? Where do they spend their time on- and offline?

We decide which employees fit in with you and which ones we want to address via defined passion groups.

Advantage: Through communities, we find new and unique communication channels and contact points to address your new employees. Communities with homogeneous passions are structured and can be addressed well, including in clubs, in training programs, via events, and on digital communication channels.

3) Building blocks of P8 Employer Branding

If required, we accompany you beyond strategy, positioning and campaign to implementation.

Employer Strategy

  • Definition of goals, wishes and needs

  • Working out opportunities and risks

  • Finding the best approach

  • Finding the right people!

Unique Employee Proposition

  • Analysis of core values and definition of the distinctive, unique employer brand essence as part of the corporate brand.

  • Inspiring the right people!

Employee Value Proposition

  • Consideration of the value proposition (compensation, benefits, work environment, development opportunities) to employees.

  • Developing an offer/product for the employee:inside market.

  • Convincing the right people!

Employee Journey

  • Simplify and optimize processes and communication points.

  • Developing a positively experienced life cycle.

  • Engaging the right people!

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Markus BischofP8 Strategy/Partner
Markus Bischof
P8 Strategy/Partner