From Social Media Clips To Your Own TV Show

Do you want to convey your brand story in moving images as well? We will gladly take care of this for you: from the development of the best video format, the choice of the appropriate distribution strategy: owned or paid media, to the accompanying media work, the creation of the necessary compulsion to engage your target group as well as the production of your corporate video solution in the highest quality. We love film and maintain high standards, not only in individual film production but also with a consistent, coordinated, and implemented strategy in the background. Ideal content creation also includes photos to give maximum impact and perfect transfer of values, information, and emotion.

P8 Video Flatrate

With your configured flat rate tariff, we develop customized content with the experience from countless developed formats and headings for TV, social media and websites. Calculate your rate and let us discuss implementation together.

Corporate Journalism

P8 Marketing enhances classic media work with additional video snippets and raw material. This gives our clients valuable media exposure not only through text references but also with video material produced for this purpose.

Video Marketing Strategy

Strategic content planning is the foundation of any communication – especially in the genre of film, it is important to think through the most effective areas of application as well as the various requirements.

Social Video

P8 Marketing produces individual videos for a wide variety of topics, which are adapted and mutated depending on the output channel. This is how we create the best possible impact.

Online TV

We create online TV spots with enthusiasm. The relevant content is researched, shot, and designed by our editorial and production teams.

Product Videos

Research shows that around 57% of online consumers buy a product after seeing a video demo of it.

Advertising Videos

Embedded in an advertising campaign, video spots can move the target groups with moving images, and concise messages.

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