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Online marketing is only successful when several factors go hand in hand. P8 Marketing supports you in your project from the conception to the development of the creatives to the playout and optimization of the campaign.

Successful Marketing

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

Through functioning online marketing, we can make the data and all touchpoints of your customers tangible. In this way, we can address them precisely. This approach is based on the user behaviour of your customers, which can change very quickly. However, thanks to the flexibility of the various

online marketing measures, a quick adaptation is possible. The biggest advantage of online marketing is the possibility of tracking. Every interaction and every transaction becomes traceable and helps us to better understand your customers.

When is Online Marketing the Right Thing to Do?

Do you want to:

  • win new customers?

  • sell your service - or your products digitally?

  • become better known for what you do?

  • attract qualified employees to your company?

  • draw attention to your solution to an existing problem?

Then your performance campaign could look like this:


Online Advertising Opportunities

OM SocialMediaAdvertising

Social Media Advertising

"For every platform pot, there's a campaign lid to match."

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn as well as Xing represent your company and build your community in the long run, with whom you interact.

Each platform needs an individual campaign strategy as well as unique advertising materials, which we are happy to support you in developing and creating.

OM GoogleBingSuchanzeigen

Google / Bing Search Ads

"He who seeks, finds."

Your service or product is frequently searched for, but the inquiries do not lead to the desired success? Increase your visibility in search engine results for existing and potential new customers with Google Ads and Bing Advertising.

With Google search ads or Bing Advertising, you address your target group unerringly. You only generate and pay for customers who are actually interested in your product or service and are already searching for it.

OM DisplayAdvertising

Display Advertising

"Display advertising is the energy drink among advertising forms."

The energizer in times of digital fatigue: Display advertising. It's short, concise, and to the point in its impact.

The most popular form of display advertising is the so-called banner ad, which displays graphic-based content, often dynamically animated. This triggers visual stimuli in the user and acts like a small energy kick. The trick is that your content is memorized by the viewer.

OM NativeAdvertising

Native Advertising

"Transparency is the most stable currency in the marketplace of attention."

Native advertising can take the form of display or video. Both are forms of advertising that are embedded in the course of a website in such a way that the user perceives them at first glance as editorial content and not as advertising.

To ensure that native ads still catch the eye, the advertising subject must be suitably prepared and retouched. In this way, advertisers increase the likelihood of the user taking action. In all of this, transparency is key. If you clearly label your advertising, it will be well received by the audience.

OM DigitalOutOfHome

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH)

"The business in passage."

Reach your target audience wherever they are. Playing out your marketing campaign via public LED screens allows you to reach a large audience easily and directly.

Places with high visitor frequency promise the greatest success: metro stations, train stations, train station halls and platforms, universities, technical colleges, retail stores, public transportation, shopping malls, hotels, highways, airports, sports stadiums, busy streets, public squares and buildings.

OM AddressableTV

Addressable TV (ATV) & Connected TV (CTV) Advertising

"Presence at prime time - whether on linear TV or via streaming."

While ATV focuses on banner ads, CTV concentrates on video ads, played out as pre- or mid-roll.

ATV: On linear TV, your banner ads are displayed next to the TV picture. Brand safety is always taken into account and the display is designed for high-value users.

CTV: This allows you to reach those users who stream content via their smart TVs. Combine the advantages of TV and online advertising with in-stream video spots.

OM VideoAdvertising

Video Advertising

"Advertising that doesn't look like advertising."

Video ads and YouTube advertising are nowadays embedded on a website in a way that makes it appear that the ad is created by the publisher. This is how you generate attention and increase the likelihood of interactions.

OM AudioAdvertising

Audio Advertising

"Here's something for your ears."

With audio advertising, you can reach users acoustically while they are listening to their favorite music or exciting podcasts, for example. Audio and display advertising is played directly via DV360 in the respective audio services.

Our Partners & Technologies

Our Joint Path

P8 Marketing implements your online marketing goals efficiently and creatively. We accompany you in 10 steps, with the help of which we turn prospects into customers and customers into loyal fans through online marketing.

Your Benefits Working With Us

OM KreativeGestaltung

Creative Design

"Don't wait for inspiration."

People remember about 10% of what they hear, about 20% of what they read, and 80% of what they see. A compellingly designed ad is critical to your campaign success. We support you in the creation of your creative and take care of the image and video design for you. In addition to creative services, we offer you our interdisciplinary digital know-how. This is how we successfully implement your campaign in a way that attracts attention.

OM Skalierung


"Not only in the dictionary, diligence comes before success."

Using detailed reporting, we evaluate the most important figures and performance data of your campaign and show you transparently what impact your online campaign has on you and your target group.

P8 relies on the following building blocks of successful cooperation


For successful brand building, we work closely with you and give each other constructive input.


We create and test different concepts with individual creatives to find the best concept for the success of your brand.


Together we discuss the successes and problems of the last week and continuously adjust further plans and objectives.


We monitor the performance of all elements of the campaign and make adjustments to increase sales performance.

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